Hey, my name is Jason Carr

I'm a software engineer who loves finding creative and efficient solutions to challenging, intricate problems.

About Me

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I'm a fullstack software enginner currrently based in upstate New York. Lately been building web applications primarily using the MERN stack.

My passion for coding comes from the enjoyment I get out of building things and solving problems! As a kid this mainfested in spending countless hours playing with legos and puzzles... but now as a (somewhat) Adult, I get the same enjoyment from building websites/applications, and solving problems with code. (However, my nephews will vouch that I can still build a sick lego tower.)

Is your web presence working for you?

In today's world, having an online presence is essential for any serious business.
If you're ready to improve (or start buidling!) your presence on the web, I'd love to help!

Web Application Development

I design and develop fullstack web applications, starting from a wireframe all the way to deployment.

Responsive Design

Built to look and perform great on every device. From desktops, to mobile devices, and evertyhing in between.

Business Strategy & Consulting

Marketing & advertsing strategy that utilizes online and offline based technologies to promote your services and grow your reach.

Continued Support

Search Engine Optimization, analytics, testing, content updates and more!

Get in touch

I am currently accepting new clients, and I'm always open to hearing about interesting projects or other opportunities!